Rest Collection® - 200 Series Adjustable Pillow

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During sleep, the body repairs tissue from the day's activates and workouts. Studies show that getting enough sleep consistently can make athletes quicker with better performance. On the other hand, sleep deprivation increases the body's level of cortisol, a stress hormone that slows healing and can increase the risk of injury.

The REM-Fit REST Collection's® hybrid adjustable pillows help regulate body temperature during sleep and protects against allergens and dust mites. The pillows adjust to the preferred sleeping style, including back, side or stomach. The result is a comfortable, sound sleep.


  • Re-Ax Fiber™ - This unique fiber reacts to one's body during sleep and provides active moisture and heat transfer allowing for a cool sleep surface.
  • Contour Fit™ - The unique 4-way stretch creates an invisible and undetectable environment that contours to not only the sleeper, but also the sleep surface, allowing for free range of motion during sleep.
  • Repel Tech™ - Effectively prevents moisture from penetrating the sleep surface, preserving the comfort layers of one's mattress, while also allowing the mattress to breathe. Efficiently blocks dust mites and allergens that live in beds from disturbing sleep.
  • Hi-Flow Knit™ - This unique knitting style allows for optimal air flow between the sleeper and the sleep surface, allowing for a cooler sleep environment while adding a layer of comfort.
  • Breez Tech™ - Allows for the best hot and cool air transfer. Allows the hot air to flow away from the sleeper and cool air to travel towards the sleeper. Also allows for the pillow to breathe efficiently, extending the life of one's pillow.
  • Polyfil Fiber - This easily accessible innovative core, allows one to decide the right level of personalized support needed during sleep. Simply remove or add the incredibly soft micro-fill to find the ultimate comfort level.