Motivate Collection - Active 200 Sleep & Activity Tracker

  • Brand:

  • Package Include: a "REM-Fit Active" Fitness Tracker, 2x SecureActive Wristbands, a Belt Clip, a USB Charging Dock and instruction booklet
  • Able to track: ActivePoints, SleepPoints, 360 LifeScore, Steps, Distance, Calories Burned
  • OLED Display
  • Up to 5-7 days of battery life
  • Wireless Sync
  • Splash-proof
  • Advanced Watch
  • iOS App (iPhone 4S or higher), Android App (Android 4.3 + BLE or higher required)


Additionally, the REM-Fit Active 200 can track your steps, distance and calories burned and show you all of this information on the OLED display.

REM-Fit Active 200 motivates you to move more, get better sleep, get healthy and reach your goals!

*In order to use the REM-Fit Active app and device, you must have an iPhone or Android phone.

You can see the list of compatible devices here: 


  • SleepPoints - How'd you sleep last night? REM-Fit Active is awake while you are asleep to help you answer that question. We measure the quality of your sleep, not just the amount you sleep. The better you sleep, the more SleepPoints you can earn.
  • ActivePoints - ActivePoints reward you for more than just your steps by analyzing the intensity and duration of your activity. The more active you are in a day, the more ActivePoints you can earn. What will be your high score?
  • 360LifeScore - Strive for a great night of sleep and a day of activity. Your SleepPoints and ActivePoints contribute to an overall 360 LifeScore. Go for for well rounded (360° - get it?) day by combining your SleepPoints and ActivePoints. Learn more at
  • Steps - Take every opportunity to rack up your steps! REM-Fit Active tracks how many you take in a day.
  • Distance - From A to B and everywhere in between; REM-Fit Active will show you how far you went today.
  • Calories - Ever wonder how many calories you burn in a day? REM-Fit Active will calculate it for you based on your activity.
  • Advanced Watch - Tap the face of the REM-Fit Active 200 to see the Date, Time and battery percentage.
  • TwinkleTorch - Use your REM-Fit Active 200 as a simple flashlight. Perfect for when you need that little bit of light in the middle of the night.